Thursday, September 1, 2016

Final Song

Dress ∆ StyleWe
Hat ∆ Roxy
Shades ∆ Gift
Choker ∆ Zara
Shoes ∆ Dr Martens
Photos by Cheryl

I just had the time of my life at Goodvibes Music Festival in Genting Malaysia over the last few weekend. My festive fever is still on! Honestly, it's really an awesome getaway for me due to some personal issues that I have been facing for the past few months and still living in it. (Hopefully, I will share my first personal post on my next post. Nothing fashion.)

I'm thrilled upon receiving this boho dress from StyleWe designed by Aporia. AS. Well, it would be great to wear it during the festival, nonetheless, even if the festival is over, I'm stoked to wear this dress to reminisce the festive feels. Boho dress, belt choker, Dr Martens boots and a hat, a complete festive style!

Just a quick introduction of StyleWe, it is an online fashion shopping platform that showcases independent fashion designers that provides authenticity, variety and quality fashion apparels. I have gotten my dress from Aporia. AS that provides casual, sweet and sexy Boho style. As a festive goer and a hippie myself, I dig a lot into boho style. Well just that I will definitely mix anything with grunge too.

I know that MØ is not one of the act in Goodvibes, but I would still like to share my music of the day with her latest song, Final Song. Recently, I have been really down and unstable, hence this song kind of slightly liven up my mood. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

RUN - []

Top ∆ Vintage
Jeans ∆ Zaful
Shades ∆ Zaful
Shoes ∆ Dr Martens
Photos by Eugene

Hey guys, I know it's been about 3 months since I last blogged. I know I've said it time and time again so let me just say for the final time that I've been really busy. I've been swamped with being the full time brand manager for the brand Tocco Tenero (which recently had a launch party to celebrate the collaboration between us and TOFU-Oyako, with their characters on our bags), freelancing as a photographer (whenever I'm free), assisting in the styling for a music video by Yakamoto Kotzuga, as well as taking up piano and DJ classes.  Nonetheless, I'm very glad to be able to work with and other brands who are very supportive of my work and I.

It's summer 365 days in Singapore but that does not stop me from dressing up. The temperature recently shot up to a crazy 35 degrees but the heat feels as if it's at 40 degrees. Madness, right? To kind of chill out a little, why not add some hippie vibes onto my outfit with a pair of bell bottom jeans that are thin and comfy; just right for this weather, and an oversized sheer vintage top that I have owned since I was 18. Since the weather is excruciatingly hot and bright, I've got new pink marble shades to protect myself from those piercing UV rays. 

Let's enjoy the summer vibes a little while longer (which I'm pretty sick of to be honest) with a cheerful summer beat song, Run by Tourist.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Pink Fur Jacket ∆ Shein
Tee ∆ Alt-F4
Denim Jeans ∆ Thrift Shop in Bangkok
Bag ∆ Badtaste
Shoes ∆ Nike
Photos by Izwan

Ripped, torn baggie jeans, crazy hair colours, duo knot buns, tattoo choker, baggie tee and (if the weather is cool enough) pastel fur coat. This is definitely what you will see in the 90s. As a 90s kid, I'm definitely embracing every bit of this look. It's a mixture of street, hip hop and grunge.

It was a fun collaboration shoot with Izwan from the owner of Alt-F4 store. We explored a few places around the street of my old art campus and derived with all these awesome images.

I know that many of you have given me great responses from Instagram- that you love the Pink Fur Coat from Shein. Here's a good news from Sheinfor celebrating spring’s coming, Shein provides FREE shipping (With No Minimum Order) worldwide to over 100 countries until 15 o’clock BJT, 1st of April,2016, 26h left!!!

What is more,they provide the best-selling series with at least 40% off for you:

I'm excited that Social Studies just released their new song, Drifty. I love it and I hope you enjoy it too!

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